The presenter guidelines are to assist with the preparation of your poster, PowerPoint and oral presentation.
To download the presenter guidelines, please click the button below.



  1. Keynote speakers will have 30 minutes Please plan your talk for 25 minutes to allow for 5 minutes introduction and Q&A.
  2. Standard oral presenters will have 15 minutes Please plan your talk for 12 minutes to allow for 3 minutes short introduction and Q&A.
  3. Elevator pitch presenter will have 3 minutes pitch and no more than 3 slides in length. There will be no Q&A for elevator pitch. Please follow the specific guidelines for elevator pitch and poster presentation below.
  4. Microsoft PowerPoint is to be the only software used for your presentation.  The Symposium auditorium will be equipped with a lectern with microphone, a laptop with your pre-loaded PowerPoint presentation, a data projector, and a laser pointer.
  5. Please be aware that you cannot use your own laptop for your presentation.
  6. A monitor will be located at the front near the lectern which will display your PowerPoint presentation. Please be advised that this screen only replicates the PowerPoint and does not display any notes you have made in the PowerPoint screen.
  7. Please prepare your PowerPoint presentation in widescreen format (16:9).
    DOWNLOAD PPT widescreen formaT 16:9
  1. Please name your PowerPoint file name as follow:
  • Standard oral presenters: “Your AbstractID, Your First Name and Your Family Name”
    example : 001A John Kennedy.pptx
  • Elevator pitch presenter: “Your AbstractID, EP, Your First Name and Your Family Name”
    example : 002A EP Jacqueline Kennedy.pptx
  1. All PowerPoint presentations should be sent to [email protected] by 10August 2017.
  2. Should you have sensitive data on your PowerPoint presentation and you are not comfortable to send them to us, please contact us for specific arrangements.

Suggestions for PowerPoint Presentations:

  • Use dark primary colours for text and light colours for background
  • Lettering to be at least 14+ font, no more than eight words per line, and six lines per slide
  • Use upper / lower case text (all capitals is almost unreadable)
  • Use the ‘text-build’ feature to stop the audience reading ahead of you
  • Audio sounds, such as zooming sounds etc., are not recommended
  • Use simple graphs and graphics instead of those are ‘crowded’ and complicated
  • Ensure all support files are included if using embedded video clips, but should be converted to a suitable size and format for projection.