Elevator Pitch

Elevator pitch reflects the idea that it should be possible to deliver ‘core message’ in the time span of an elevator ride, approximately one to two minutes.

Imagine a scenario where you accidentally meet a VIP from a funding agent in an elevator and you wanted to get your great ideas across. If the conversation inside the elevator in those couple of minutes is interesting, the conversation will either continue after the elevator ride or end in a scheduled meeting.

In case of DAA10, “the VIP” may be interested to visit your poster where you can explain your project in great details.

Elevator Pitch Instructions

All pitch must be 3 minutes and no more than 3 PowerPoint slides in length. There will be no Q&A for elevator pitch. The speed talk will be staged at the same venue used for, and attended by the same audience of, standard oral presentations.

To accompany your 3 minutes pitch you are required to prepare a poster. Posters will be presented as hardcopy poster in poster room, please see guidelines for poster presentation below.